Don’t worry, Many type of Diabetic conditions are fully reversible. We will Show you how.

Are you on Alopathic Medicines? Are you taking Insulin shots ? It doesn’t matter what you are taking and how long you have been diabetic don’t loose hope. The time for a change in your Health Life is now.

Are you Type 1 Diabetic on heavy insulin dosage? Do you wish you could reduce the dosage or come out of this and maintain your blood sugar?
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Most of the treatments available in the world today focus on Pancreas and on giving insulin supplements.
There is a very big problem here. Is no insulin or weak insulin is the cause here ? NO

To understand the problem my friends, insulin is not the only hormone responsible for blood sugar. There is another hormone AMYLIN has to secrete along with insulin from the pancreas to maintain blood sugar. One more hormone called LEPTIN which is stored in your fats is responsible for insulin. Even MELATONIN sleep hormone controls the insulin production. Your beta cells have to be in healthy numbers to produce insulin. Why are we talking about insulin even ANTI INSULIN HORMONES like GLUCAGON makes the body release the blood sugar in to your blood. All this is confusing for you is it not?

Not only the body has to manage the insulin but it has to make sure that all the other hormones are secreted in the right amount and right time. Please think is it even possible to correct all this if you keep taking insulin injections. One very important thing is, it is the perfect chemistry between all these hormones is what is doing the job of keeping the blood sugar healthy.

Please stop thinking that your problems are controlled just because you are taking insulin. Is it not time for a serious thinking for an alternate approach. If taking insulin is the solution then, why should people get gangrene and go for amputation.

Since the cause is not eliminated body starts degeneration in the form of degeneration of Pancreatic Beta cells, Neuropathy, Nephropathy, Atherosclerosis, Vascular complications, Diabetic Ulcers, Dryness of Skin and Retinopathy. In Ayurveda we call this state as Oja Nasha.

Also Anti-Diabetic agents tends to dry out the body of glucose in an effort to reach effective glucose levels, resulting in reduced nourishment in cells of pancreas, liver and kidney. This results in further weight loss, loss of skin texture, loss of body hairs.

We are Punarjanis Life Sciences an Ayurvedic Company of Dr.Shaji Raj, who is the 4th generation Ayurvedic Doctor. He is a pulse diagnosis teacher for very many Ayurvedic Doctors. He travels around the world teaching and healing people. His family has been practising for nearly 150 years. Dr. Shaji Raj has done extensive research and come out with the medical solution for many health problems. Read More

Glucose is the main source of energy for our body and fuel for our brain. In a healthy individual, several hormones, including insulin, regulate blood glucose levels, allowing glucose to be used for fuel. When in diabetes, the body either does not make enough insulin (type 1 ), or is unable to use it well (type 2). When the body is unable to efficiently incorporate glucose from the blood into the cells where it is needed, glucose stays in the blood causing diabetes. When the excess glucose in the blood is not able to convert as glucagon, glucose level increase in the blood increases diabetics

We look at Diabetes as a Degenerative. Unlike the modern medicine which forces the pancreas to produce more insulin, our medicine works on the liver to keep the body to have Samaghni. It stimulates the brain for hormonal balance. It does not load your body with Insulin hormone and protects the body from inflammation.

We find that many of the patients who contact us are Diabetic for very many years. Not only their blood sugar is not managed well but also body has taken the beatings for so long a period. The Degeneration and other side effects of the Diabetes sets in. They come with severe body pain, Neuropathy, Nephropathy, Atherosclerosis, Vascular complications, Diabetic Ulcers, Dryness of Skin and Retinopathy and all types of complications. They also experience weight loss, loss of skin texture, loss of body hairs, in short, aging is accelerated.

Wrong Diet

Diabetes can be described as carbohydrate toxicity or intolerance to carbs. This can happen when we feed the body simple carbs alone all the time. When you do this your body pumps insulin to digest and you are hungry again very soon and you will end up eating more carbs. Very soon you are taking your body to the breaking point where the body is in a state of carbohydrate toxicity. Obesity could be a result of a wrong diet or excess calories or hormone related. But obesity is a risk factor

Sedentary Lifestyle

Any lifestyle with little or no physical activity weakens the immune system. With body’s stress management system not being activated, body is in a state of inflammation.


Type 1 Diabetes

Doctors used to think type 1 diabetes was wholly genetic. Newer studies have shown, however, that children develop type 1 diabetes 3 percent of the time if their mother has the condition, 5 percent of the time if their father has it, or 8 percent if a sibling has type 1 diabetes.
Consequently, researchers now believe that something in the environment has to trigger type 1 diabetes. Some risk factors include:

Cold weather

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetic is at least partially hereditary. People with a family history of the disorder are more likely to develop diabetes.
Type 2 diabetes is also linked to a number of lifestyle factors, including obesity. In one study, researchers found that 73 percent of people with type 2 diabetes had moderate to high family risk factors, while just 40 percent were obese . Overall, people who reported obesity and had a family history of diabetes had a 40 percent risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Body in a state of prolonged Inflammation of any kind is bad for the body.Even acidity where the food is getting fermented in the stomach is also one simple example


Chronic stress can lead to insulin resistance, which in turn elevates blood sugar levels. With regular exercise, meditation or yoga, the levels of stress hormones in our bodies decrease, resulting in better blood sugar control.


Whatever goes into the body be it food or medicine the body converts it into an absorbable form and what cannot be absorbed by the body remains in the body as toxin till such time it gets eliminated. This produces AMA as per Ayurveda is a cause for diseases.

Many people with type 2 diabetes can control their blood glucose by following a healthy meal plan and a program of regular physical activity, losing excess weight, and taking medications. Medications for each individual with diabetes will often change during the course of the disease. Do not skip any meal. If you feel the portions are large reduce the portions but follow the meal plan. Do not eat late night food or unhealthy junk food.

Dia-Drops Dosage : 3ml / 3 times to 5 times as prescribed by the Doctor

Recommended Diet and lifestyle

Dia-Drops Dosage : 3ml / 3 times to 5 times as prescribed by the Doctor
Recommended Diet and lifestyle
6 am wake up

  • 1 single piece raw garlic chew and eat
  • 2 lemon juice with water no salt no sugar
  • 1 glass sour buttermilk made from unpasteurised milk

Happy Customers

"I had been struggling with diabetes for years, and nothing seemed to work effectively until I discovered Dr. E. Shaji Raj's Ayurvedic Arka Medicines. They have been a game-changer for me. My blood sugar levels are now under control, and I feel healthier than ever. Thank you, Dr. Shaji Raj!"


"I was skeptical about trying Ayurvedic remedies for diabetes, but after giving Dr. E. Shaji Raj's Arka Medicines a try, I'm a believer. These medicines have helped me manage my diabetes without the need for excessive medication. I feel more energetic and vibrant. Highly recommended!"

- Sarah

"As someone who has tried various treatments to control diabetes, I can confidently say that Dr. E. Shaji Raj's Arka Medicines are the real deal. They are not only effective but also safe and natural. I've seen a significant improvement in my health, and I'm grateful for these life-changing remedies."

- Rajesh
All our medicines are 100% ayurvedic arka medicine
  • Formulated in the unique style of DR. E. Shaji raj. They are not some weak supplements. They are able to stand alone and efficiently cure diseases.
  • Our medicines are extracts of medicinal plants, herbs, roots, tree barks in their purest forms
  • No heavy metals, preservatives, sugar, Bad strong taste, artificial colours or hidden x-factors
  • Our medicines can be used along with modern medicines till such time you wean yourself off modern medicine.

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