• IntroductionSinthamare, a 36-year-old woman, faced a daunting challenge when a growth appeared on her thigh. She had a history of thyroid issues, which added to her medical concerns. A biopsy report revealed that the growth was malignant cancer, necessitating surgical removal. The removal of a mass the size of a tennis ball required plastic surgery for reconstruction, followed by chemoradiation therapy. Despite these treatments, the surgical site did not heal for two years, leading to persistent pus discharge. Her journey towards healing took a remarkable turn when she sought help at Punarjanis Life Sciences offering peripheral neuropathy medicines and panchakarma treatment.


Sinthamare had been dealing with thyroid issues for some time when she discovered a growth on her thigh. The biopsy results confirmed her worst fears; it was malignant cancer. To combat the cancer, the growth was surgically removed, and the area was reconstructed with plastic surgery. Chemoradiation therapy was administered to target any remaining cancer cells. However, after these extensive treatments, the surgical wound did not heal as expected. Sinthamare faced two years of persistent discharge from the wound, which significantly affected her quality of life and overall well-being.

Seeking Alternative Treatment

Frustrated by the lack of progress and a persistent wound that refused to heal, Sinthamare decided to explore alternative therapies. She visited Dr Shaji Raj at Punnarjanis Life Sciences.

Treatment Plan

  • Peripheral Neuropathy Medicine, Flamisol: Sinthamare was prescribed peripheral neuropathy medicines to address the lingering pain and discomfort caused by her surgical wound. The medicine aimed to improve nerve function and reduce the sensation of pain, which was essential for her overall well-being and quality of life.
  • Body detoxification is a holistic Ayurvedic approach that combines therapies, herbal remedies, and dietary recommendations to promote healing and balance within the body. In Sinthamare’s case, this treatment was tailored to her specific needs to aid in wound healing and promote overall health.


Within approximately two months of starting the peripheral neuropathy medicines and panchakarma treatment, Sinthamare’s surgical wound showed remarkable progress. It began to heal from the inside out, and the discharge ceased. This transformation was a source of immense relief and comfort for Sinthamare, who had endured a two-year ordeal of non-healing.

To ensure her continued well-being, Sinthamare continued to take Flamisol for an additional month. These medicines aimed to support the overall healing process and maintain her improved state of health.


Sinthamare’s journey from a malignant cancer diagnosis to healing and recovery stands as a testament to the potential of alternative and holistic treatments. Her experience underscores the importance of seeking alternative treatments when conventional medicine falls short and offers hope to individuals facing challenging health conditions.

The case of Sinthamare demonstrates the benefits of considering a holistic approach that addresses not only the physical aspects of an ailment but also its emotional and psychological impact. Her remarkable transformation serves as an inspiration for individuals facing difficult medical challenges and emphasizes the significance of exploring alternative therapies to achieve a full and lasting recovery.

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