• IntroductionVijayaLakshmi, a 60-year-old woman, experienced a profound health transformation more than a decade ago. At the age of 48, she developed a skin issue that led her to seek modern medical help. She was suggested to do a biopsy to reach a conclusive diagnosis. With no further progress with modern medicines she approached Dr. Shaji for a better solution. She was prescribed a one-month treatment regimen that included skin charm and Panchakarma. The results of this treatment were nothing short of miraculous.The diagnosis she received was "Visarpam," a condition that will be explored in detail in this case study. VijayaLakshmi experienced complete healing, with no scars or discoloration, and her skin issue never resurfaced.

VijayaLakshmi's Troublesome Skin Issue

In her late 40s, VijayaLakshmi began to experience a skin condition. As the issue persisted, she decided to consult a modern medical professional for help. Her primary concern was to identify the root cause of her skin ailment and find an effective treatment. Following a thorough examination, her modern doctors recommended a biopsy to ascertain the exact nature of her condition.But could not make a conclusive diagnosis.

Diagnosis of Visarpam

This led her to visit Dr.E Shaji Raj for a traditional approach to her disease. On examination Doctor could conclude that VijayaLakshmi was suffering from Visarpam. Visarpam is a term used in Ayurveda . In Ayurvedic terms, Visarpam is believed to be a manifestation of an imbalance in the body’s doshas, particularly Vata and Kapha.

Treatment Plan

The treatment plan suggested using Charm, an anti-inflammatory medicine for skin problems. Along with body detoxification.

Results and Healing

The Ayurvedic interventions proved to be highly effective. After just one month of therapy, VijayaLakshmi’s skin issue had completely resolved. Notably, there were no scars or discoloration left behind, a rare outcome for a skin condition that had plagued her for several years. This remarkable recovery was not limited to the physical symptoms; her overall well-being improved, and she reported feeling more energetic and healthier than she had in years.

Long-Term Impact

Perhaps the most significant aspect of VijayaLakshmi’s case is the fact that her skin disease never returned. More than a decade later, she remains free from any skin issues, a testament to the efficacy of the treatment plan she received.


VijayaLakshmi’s journey from suffering from a persistent skin issue to complete healing is a testament to the power of unadulterated traditional medicine. Her case underscores the importance of considering holistic and personalized approaches to healthcare, particularly when faced with complex and chronic conditions. Ultimately, VijayaLakshmi’s story serves as a beacon of hope for those seeking alternative methods to address their health challenges.

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