Healthy cells in the human body follow a regulated life cycle, known as annamaya kosha in yogic anatomy. Cancer, a condition where cells mutate and grow uncontrollably, is considered a kapha disorder in Ayurveda. It can develop in various body parts, with common types including breast, lung, prostate, colon, and leukemia. The exact trigger for uncontrolled cell mutation remains unknown, but factors like genetic mutations, environment, and lifestyle contribute.

Factors that may increase the risk:
● Exposure to carcinogens (cancer-causing substances)
● Inherited genetic mutations or family history
● Exposure to radiation
● Exposure to toxins like asbestos, radon etc.
● Tobacco use and smoking
● Excessive alcohol consumption
● Hormone therapy
● Certain infections


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Ayurveda has shown excellent results in treating many types of cancers. At Punarjani’s, we have seen wonderful results, especially in breast cancer and prostate cancer cases.

The treatment of the disease depends on the stage to which the disease has progressed. The diagnosis is carried out based on medical reports and a detailed pulse diagnosis. The treatment may last anywhere from six months to a year. The management of the disease will necessitate some diet modifications and lifestyle changes.

If detected early, patients on Ayurvedic treatment may be able to forego chemotherapy. At Punarjani’s, we have successfully treated cancer relapse cases also.

The Ayurvedic treatment protocol also helps those recovering from modern cancer treatments. It helps the body to rejuvenate and recover from harsh and debilitating treatments. The Ayurvedic medicines do not cause severe side effects and does not take a toll on the person’s overall health.

Punarjani’s treatment focuses on lowering the elevated values found in the cancer markers (CA) test. Once these values start reducing, a detoxification protocol is started. This helps the body fight the disease and rejuvenate faster.

The treatment methodology and protocol differs from patient to patient. Generally, cancer patients are advised to follow a zero sugar and a low carbohydrate diet.

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All our medicines are 100% ayurvedic arka medicine
  • Formulated in the unique style of DR. E. Shaji raj. They are not some weak supplements. They are able to stand alone and efficiently cure diseases.
  • Our medicines are extracts of medicinal plants, herbs, roots, tree barks in their purest forms
  • No heavy metals, preservatives, sugar, Bad strong taste, artificial colours or hidden x-factors
  • Our medicines can be used along with modern medicines till such time you wean yourself off modern medicine.

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